Whether you are locum doctor or a clinic owner, you are likely to be impacted by many challenges on day to day basis. The various challenges include taxation, government and immigration regulations.

Our tailored accounting, tax, bookkeeping and advisory services are structured to ensure that we add-value beyond numbers to the client and this is how we do them:


  • We have dedicated team to support Medical Professional and their families.
  • Customised services include utilisation of our “insourced” services which is expected to provide highly time-consuming tasks to be managed at a very cost-effective manner.
  • In addition to the expert accounting and tax advice, we work with you to structure your finances, manage your cash flow and support your future investments and initiation.
  • Cloud accounting means we have the ability to work with live data and ability to produce reports and information which are made readily available.


If you’re a start-up practice, we’ll start by giving you initial advice and then work on getting you bank ready and business ready. And then we’ll advise you all the way down the line. Thinking about starting a medical practice? Read our blog post first.


Contact us for more information on how our advisory services for start-up and established medical practices can assist you.